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RAFA Academy, in collaboration with Kamimura High School Acadamy, will oficially start in April 2015. The perfect chance to receive a high school education from such a prestigious center as Kamimura, at the same time as you get to train with world top level soccer coaches like Carlos Rexach and Antonio de la Cruz. All this at Chikuho Green Field, a synthetic grass field surrounded by all kind of sport facilities.

Not only you will get a High School qualification with our course, but you will be able to go to university or any vocational school at the same time as you continue trainning at Rafa for a soccer professional carreer.


There is a chance some of the next information changes before the courses start.

Under 18 Course

For Secondary and High School students, boys and girls(15~18years old).

Capacity 120 students

Under 21・23 Course

For High School, University and Vocational School students, boys and girls(18~23years old)

Capacity 50 students

Coaching Course

Any age (boys and girls). Under review. For more details, please let us know your concerns.

Capacity 30 students

Female Course

Under review

Academy Fees

Membership Fee: 100.000yen. Monthly Fee: 50.000yen. (Tax not included).
You may need to buy the school uniform too or other accessories.

It’s possible to use scholarships and loans for the payment.
For more details about this and about the education fee, please contact directly to Kamimura Academy.

Kamimura gakuen

About the Academical Course

academy picture 02Many are the benefits of receiving an education through a credits correspondence course. With a special schedule customized for their needs, being able to choose only the subjects they really want or need to study, and with a smaller amount of time dedicated to taking their mandatory lessons, the students get to focus way more in their main activity.

Now soccer won’t be only an after school activity in the afternoon, but the main goal everyday with plenty of hours to practice and train. And all those hours will be considered as credits for getting their graduate certificate. Also, as a special feature of this course, we understand that all our students will share the same interest about soccer and many of them will continue their training in foreign countries, so communication and language skills will have a very important role in our curriculum, having native instructors to teach Spanish and English as well.

English Schedule

After Graduation

SoccerApart from receiving a graduation certificate and having the option to continue studying at the university or a vocational school; our goal is that our students get trainned and prepared enough so they can aspire to enter not only to the Japanese J League, or any major soccer competition in Asia, but also to any of the most important leagues in Europa and South America as well.


04_mainChikuho Green Field

A synthetic grass field fully equipped for day and night lessons; with a pool, a training room, classrooms and many other resources.


To apply
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For more information TEL 0120-858-552 9:00-21:00 (Monday to Friday)
9:00-18:00 (Weekend and Holidays)

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