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What is RAFA?

RAFA ¨Rexach & Antonio Soccer Academy¨

国内で世界最高レベルの指導が受けられる!! 世界の目利きがレベルをチェック!! 海外遠征や有力チームのトライアウトへ!! 高校・大学専門等の卒業資格取得 しかも低予算で実現!!

A new soccer school starts in Izuka (Fukuoka) and we couldn´t imagine a better way to start it than having no less than two international soccer legends as instructors for it. They are Carlos Rexach and Antonio de la Cruz, ex professional players and experienced coaches who not only will bring a top level guidance to the students in this school, but also their whole network of connections with the biggest clubs in the world.

In collaboration with Kamimuragakuen Academy, our school plans to start with “under 18”, “under 21” and “under 23 years old” courses, as well as a special “coaching course” too; focusing in developing their skills and knowledge about soccer, but allowing them to continue at the same time with their educational carrier as any other High School would do.

  • Antonio de la Cruz


    FC Barcelona Player and Coach, Vice President of the FCB Former Players Association and Yokohama Marinos Coach.

    One of the coaches who helped Johan Cruyff to form and train one on the best lineups FC Barcelona ever had, the famous Dream Team. Also the person who found and guide talents like Shunsuke Nakamura, Shoji Jo or Kawaguchi Yoshikazu among others, players who got to represent Japan in the national team.

  • Carlos Rexach


    FC Barcelona Coach, also Formal Adviser of the Club, and Yokohama Flugels Coach.

    An anecdote about Rexach tells how he, after testing a very young soccer player, instantly understood the huge capacity of that boy and, not having any other better thing in his hand, made him sign a contract on a simple paper napkin. That boy was no other than Leo Messi.
    But we are talking also about the person who, coaching the old Yokohama Flügels, realized about the talent of Endo Yasuhito and lined him up in the first team, in spite of everyone’s skepticism.

RAFA “Rexach & Antonio Soccer Academy” Goals & Philosophy

Currently, around 2000 japanese students live in Europe and Latin America trying to succeed as professional soccer players. The cost of this challenge means spending several millions of yen per year. Definitely a very expensive challenge speaking about money and and also about time. And the result is that many of those students end up giving up their dreams worried about the unstable future and the lack of money.

It´s said that Japan will become into the 1% of the whole world population during the next decade. However the reality is that year by year Japan is loosing his presence in the world among other countries, and the future generations are the only hope to change this situation.


RAFA Academy
RAFA Academy, in collaboration with Kamimura High School Acadamy, will oficially start in April 2015.

For more information TEL 0120-858-552 9:00-21:00 (Monday to Friday)
9:00-18:00 (Weekend and Holidays)

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